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Just Follow the Tao

"Approach it and there is no beginning;

Follow it and there is no end.

You can't know it, but you can be it,

At ease in your own life."

Tao Te Ching

Everyone says that they want more peace in their lives. In times of suffering, we long for a greater ease and flow, and can't think of anything that we would like more.....till we start feeling better, and decide that what we really want is a better job, or a juicy relationship, or perhaps better furniture in our living rooms.

Nothing is as important to us than feeling at peace, till we have it for a moment, then decide we want all kinds of other 'stuff' to fill us up and make us happy. Unfortunately, the happiness we derive from getting something, or someone, 'out there' is always short lived at best, and never ultimately satisfying. That's because everything 'out there' tends to change before our very eyes, and dissolve, leaving us with the feeling that we can't really depend on anything 'out there' to give us lasting peace and happiness.

Of course this is very good news! When we finally reach the place where we are tired of trying to get the world to conform to our vision of what will make us happy, we can finally begin to discover the true happiness that lies in simply following the Tao; the way things are, here and now, and living in such a way that we remain always in harmoy with the Tao's perfect flow. By dedicating ourseves to the practices that lead to an alignment with the way things are in the present moment, we find ourselves living with greater ease and contentment in every moment and simply enjoying whatever is in front of us to enjoy.

Through daily meditation and balanced living, we can easily come into the perfect flow of the Tao (or God/Love/Universal Truth, if you like those names better), and live in It's ever-flowing presence, without the struggle and strain that is always going on in our minds. Then we begin to experience a life that is simple, happy, and joyful; a life that has a way of always working out for our highest benefit, no matter what is happening 'out there'. The question is; are you really willing to follow the Tao?

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