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You may have noticed that the world appears to be speeding up and getting more chaotic by the day, as people grow ever more disconnected from one another, and feelings of anxiety and fear become commonplace. For many, life has become a frantic attempt to keep up with the pace of an ever-changing world, and these attempts have led to increased frustration, suffering, and unhappiness.


    But what if there was a way to let go of this habitual sense of struggle and resistance, and instead relax into the effortless flow of the present moment? What if there was a way to actually enjoy the unfolding of your life, as it is? The answers to these questions can be found in the timeless wisdom of Taoist and Buddhist teachings, where we can once again rediscover the peace of mind, clarity and joy that our hearts long for.


    If you have found your way to this website, then you are already one of the Tao Tribe, one of the community of Way-Finders worldwide, who are following a path of simplicity, patience, and open-hearted kindness toward all beings. By clicking on the above tabs, you will find information about our current meditation and Qigong classes, spiritual counseling sessions,  as well as the new book, Living in the Flow: Reminders for a Supremely Happy Life, which is a user-friendly guide to how you can find your own way back to the perfect flow of the present moment, where everything always unfolds with effortless ease.


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Enjoy and celebrate your Life; if not Now, when?


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Be content with what you have,

Rejoice in the Way things are.

When you realize that nothings lacking,

The whole world belongs to you.


Tao Te Ching

© 2014 by Craig Steven Phillips

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