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The Sanctuary of the Heart

With so many challenges happening in the world around us, and our lives careening from one difficulty to the next, we can find ourselves filled with fear and anxiety over what may, or may not happen next. Because of this, we can also find that our busy mind is drowning in a sea of habitual over-thinking, leaving us completely exhausted from worry and fear, and lacking any real joy or happiness. Though we have been told over and over by every sage since the beginning of time that we are not the mind (the voice in our head), we still go on believing that this 'great imposter', and the stories that it tells, is who and what we are.

One of the quickest ways to find rest from our busy mind, and it's constant mental turbulence, is by shifting our Awareness from the voice in our head, down into the sanctuary of the heart; where Love, joy and peace are waiting for us as surely as our next breath. If you doubt this, take a moment now to close your eyes and get the sense that you have an opening in the middle of your chest, and begin to breath your breath as the highest Love through that opening, into the space of your heart. If there is any heaviness, tightness, anxiety or fear in your chest; breathe it out of your body on your out-breath like black smoke. Feel your heart, chest and solar plexus shining open, radiant and relaxed with this energy of Love. Get the sense that you are sitting on the lotus of your heart like the Buddha, breathing in Love and radiating Love on your out-breath into the space around you. Get a deep sense of deep kindness for yourself as you do this.

This simple meditation allows us to move down from the realm of the busy mind into the sanctuary of our heart, which even scientific research is telling us is the seat of the greatest intelligence, intuition and energy in the body. By centering our Awareness in the heart, we once again find the Love, joy and enthusiasm that we may feel has become so elusive in our lives. As we breathe into the heart, we re-discover the Love that we long for, and the ability to bring that Love to every person and situation that enters our Life. Instead of trying to find this Love in the world, we easily discover the only place that we will ever be able to know it for ourselves; the Sanctuary of our own Heart.

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