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The Sacred Priority

"The Master cares about nothing but the Tao."

Lao Tzu

One of the things that has happened during the Coronavirus Pandemic these past 6 months, is that people have found they have more time on their hands, and thus more opportunity to actually do some of the things they really want to do. Many are also finding that they still feel overwhelmed by the amount of activities calling them, and torn as to where to direct their energies. They feel as though they have a hundred priorities when they wake up everyday, and are lucky to actually attend to even a few of them by the time that day comes to an end. But what might our life be like if we simply put our focus everyday on just our top priority, and let everything else we think we need to do fall gently away?

Sound impossible?

Take a few minutes right now, and contemplate the top priority in your own life, perhaps even writing it down. Ask yourself if giving time each day to this priority will bring you the peace and joy that you long for. If the answer is anything but a resounding 'yes', you might wish to reconsider what you feel is important in your life. Often we can find that there are things that we thought would bring us happiness and joy, only to find that they end up bringing us only exhaustion and unhappiness.

In my own life, my top priority each day is to live in the effortless Flow of the Tao, and I have found that the simple way to access this state of Awareness is by starting my day with meditation (for those who do not know how to meditate, please read A Peaceful Mind in the archives). This always leads to an unfolding that is joyful, peaceful and blissful on every level. Keeping the Tao at the forefront of my life guarantees that I won't waste my time chasing after illusions that end up exhausting me, while bringing little or no satisfaction in the process. By keeping the Tao as my sacred priority each day, I've noticed that everything else in my life flows out of that one choice, and tends to bring an increasing joy and contentment in the process.

If you find yourself chasing 'mind mirages' that promise to deliver happiness, only to find that they are like empty calories that leave you craving something more fulfilling, you might wish to re-evaluate what it is that is important to you. The wonderful thing about the tumultuous times we are going through, is that it's never been easier to 'wake-up' to who, and what we are (if that's what we really want). For those who wish to continue to sleepwalk through their lives, there will be every opportunity to do just that, and the results will be an ever-decreasing level of satisfaction and ease. And for those who truly wish to be immersed in the joy and wonder of the Tao - even though everything may be crumbling around you - there will be every opportunity to do that as well. The question is always; what is your priority?

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