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A Great Question

There are many sages and spiritual teachers who have said that this Life is like a School of Love, and we are all here to learn the lessons we need to learn to bring us into a greater alignment with that Love. Most people, however, walk through their days completely unaware of the truth that each moment is presenting us with something to learn; be it patience, forgiveness, trust or acceptance. A great question to ask whenever we find ourselves going through challenging circumstances is, "What is this situation trying to teach me?" Or, from another perspective, "What am I suppose to learn from this?"

The truth is, everything that occurs in our life, from the 'ordinary' day-to day happenings, to the big events, is teaching us something that we need to learn, regardless of whether we like what's happening or not.

Usually we have no awareness of this truth, and so we blame something, or someone outside of us for whatever we are going through, often keeping ourselves stuck in repetitive patters that keep re-occurring over and over again. When we refuse to look at what life is trying to teach us, we might notice that the same experience keeps showing up in different disguises. For instance, if we tend to be impatient, always in a hurry for things to unfold quickly, we might find that life will continually unfold in a way that seems to frustrate us at every turn, until we learn to relax and lets everything happen in it's own time. Or we might be carrying around a very heavy charge of anger, only to find that situations and people seem to show up that constantly piss us off and throw us into a rage. Of course, this anger is like a poison that slowly eats away at us, until we stop being a victim, take responsibility for our inner-state, and cultivate more peace and calm in our lives through meditation.

The highest perspective is to remember that this Life is a giant school of Love, where we have come to learn the lessons we most need to learn, and see every moment as an opportunity to expand our awareness into more Love and acceptance. One of the ways to do this is by simply asking, in each trying situation we find ourselves in; "What am I suppose to learn from this?" Through this one question, we begin to free ourselves from a state of victimhood, and open to the lessons that are unfolding for our highest freedom and happiness in every moment.

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