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The Perfect Love

As we watch the world around us growing ever more chaotic and unpredictable with each passing day, it can be easy to think that something is going terribly wrong. Yet, we have been told by all spiritual masters since the beginning of spiritual masters, that everything - without exception - is perfect exactly as it is. Of course the mind (the voice in the head), hears this, and immediately looks around and sees all of the reasons why this can't possibly be true. After all, there's global warming, and racism and over-population, and unless we fix everything fast, we aren't going to make it!

In believing the minds unending reasons why everything cannot possibly be perfect in this world, we overlook the beauty, joy and goodness that is going on all over the planet between individuals everyday. People who are walking the path of Love, and radiating

kindness wherever they go. These are people who realize that, while they have little to no control over what happens 'out there', they have plenty of influence over what happens in the depth of their own hearts. They also realize that, keeping this Divine Love (you can also call it God, or Tao or Holy Spirit as well), at the forefront of their lives is crucial for maintaining proper perspective levels, and not getting carried away by things that simply don't matter in the long run.

By remembering that the source of Love is within us, and that the Tao is all that ultimately matters (and actually all that is ultimately real, and by cultivating Love within and sharing it without, we can walk through the world as Forces of Light, living by the knowledge that the whole point of Life (if there is one), is too give and receive Love with every person who crosses our path. Nothing more and nothing less. No longer obsessed by what may, or may not happen in the political or social realm, we will discover the true power to bring change into our everyday lives. This power is known through the Love and compassion that we bring to every person and situation we encounter, without judging anyone or anything that arises along the great thoroughfare of Life. In giving this Divine Love, we find the most powerful way to impact the world around us, while discovering that the Source of this Love is who we really are.

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