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Letting Everything Go

"Life is like an elevator:

on your way up, sometimes you have to stop

and let some people off."


One of the things that people who have been on the path of awakening for awhile begin to notice, is that the things they once thought were so important in their lives don't really matter all that much anymore. The drama's and intrigue that once gave their lives meaning, now only serve to deplete and exhaust them. They also begin to notice that those things that no longer serve them, seem to vanish from their lives, and relationships that once seemed so important, naturally fall away. At first this can seem rather disorienting, as we watch long-time friends fade into the background, often telling us that 'we've changed', and situations that use to be such a big deal, drop away like a heavy stone from our shoulders.

In fact, meditation can be the greatest catalyst for change in our life because we actually settle down enough to listen to our intuition, and hear what it is we most deeply want in our lives. When this first begins to happen, we can feel like our whole life is undergoing a radical shift in priorities, as what use to be important no longer holds any sway over us. We might even try desperately to hold onto old relationships and ways of being, only to find that the 'holding on' brings only more pain and suffering.

What we also notice however, is that as we let go of what is passing from our lives, new friendships and opportunities that reflect our deepening awareness begin to show up almost miraculously. In fact, the more we open to what is Here and Now, the more we find our lives flowing effortlessly with the current of Life (the Tao), which always knows exactly where we need to go and who we need to be with. Then we find that our life begins to embody our new-found clarity in all aspects, and we attract those relationships and experiences that serve our willingness to grow and awaken. In letting everything fall away, we notice that our lives become filled with a joy and trust that arises from living in complete acceptance of whatever comes and goes, and in harmony with the way things are.

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