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Living in the Flow

"As it moves in the world,

the Tao is like a great river

flowing home to the sea."

Tao Te Ching

Have you ever noticed that rivers always flow downstream, following the path of least resistance while moving effortlessly around obstacles in their way? Have you also noticed that great rivers always end up exactly where they need to be, merging into a lake or ocean that is far greater and bigger than they are? In this, we can see that rivers have a lot to teach us about how to 'go with the flow' in our own lives, while enjoying the scenery along the Way.

Unlike rivers however, most human beings do just the opposite; we pointlessly fight and struggle against the direction our life is moving in, leaving ourselves exhausted and depleted of energy in the process. In this resistance, we also end up filled with fear and anxiety, as we fail to trust that Life (the Tao) is always taking us exactly where we need to go for our own learning and growth.

If we are fortunate, there will come a time in our lives when we simply won't be able to carry on with this resistance anymore, and we will be forced to surrender and let go of our exhausting struggle with life. In this letting go, we once again rediscover the miracle of flowing with of the Tao; and trusting that everything is always unfolding for our highest benefit. We also find that in moving with the current of our life, we rediscover the effortless joy and delight that is found in every moment, no matter what may be occurring, while easily navigating all of the challenges that may arise along the Way.

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