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The Best Thing That Can Happen

Often we can find ourselves feeling that something has gone wrong in our lives, that where we are or what we are doing are somehow mistakes thrust upon us by an uncaring Universe. Perhaps it's the divorce we are going through, a job that sucks our soul, or even the scratch that mysteriously appears on our new car. Yet, what if the truth is; where we are and what we are going through is absolutely perfect, just as it is? In fact, what if everything that happens is the best possible thing that can happen to us? Let that question sink in for a moment...

All of us have been told by someone, perhaps our dear grandma or a trusted friend, that 'everything happens for the best'. Somewhere deep inside, we know that this is true, yet we can still find ourselves resisting and worrying, struggling and trying, in vain, to escape from the challenges that come into our lives. Despite knowing this, we continue to act as if everything that happens is some kind of life-or-death situation that needs our constant attention. In this way, we create anxiety and stress for ourselves, and drain all of the fun out of life. But what if we lived from the knowing that, indeed, everything that happens is the best possible thing that can happen? Opening to this one simple truth can radically change the way we experience and go through any situation in life, turning the most difficult challenges into oppourtunities to live life as an adventure, and more importantly to learn the lessons we have come here to learn.

Though we may be going through something that is difficult, we can always look back and remember situations that once seemed insurmountable, yet somehow we got through them, and not only did we get through them, we can see that those difficulties led to something more joyous and satisfying coming into our lives. For instance, that painful divorce led to meeting the love of our life or learning to stand on our own two feet, or losing that dead-end job led to finding our true purpose and passion. At the very least, every challenge we have gone through, if we are honest, has taught us much needed lessons about ourselves, and helped us to grow beyond our minds limitations.

If you're still doubting that everything that happens is the best possible thing that could happen, try living your life for the next week as if it were true. No matter what comes or goes, or how you feel about anything, use those situations to remind yourself, 'this is the best possible thing that can happen to me right now', and see how this miraculously changes your perspective of life. At the very least, you will experience way less stress and much more enjoyment in your day-to-day activities, and life will begin to shape itself to your new way of looking. In other words, everything that shows up will indeed be the best possible thing that can happen.

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